Dar Saïd


Located in Sidi Bou Said village, Dar Said has an outdoor swimming pool, hammam, and free Wi-Fi that overlooks the Gulf of Tunis.

All our rooms are unique and arranged around 4 patios, They are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV and a minibar..

Dar Said offers a daily breakfast that includes fresh ingredients from the market and can be enjoyed in your room, by the pool, or in the garden..

The restaurant and Dar Zarouk bar are both enjoyable places to visit, with a stunning view of the bay of Tunis..

The hotel is located only 15 minutes away from Tunis-Carthage airport and the city center.

A bit of history


Dar Said,
the home of happiness

Renowned French author Gustave Flaubert did not found his inspiration merely in Carthage, but also in breathtaking Sidi Bou Said.

The neighbouring village is one of the crown jewels of the Mediterranean Sea. Founded by a Sufi figure, who fell in love with it; the name Sidi Bousaid is still used today. Indeed, the village has the power to captivate those who stop here or pass through, including artists and the bourgeoisie of the beginning of the century.either the rulers of the past or the tourists who come here for a short period of time.


In the etymology of the Arabic word, ‘said’ means happy and ‘dar’ means home. No coincidence that an old hotel was transformed into the country’s first “charming hotel” in 2013. Nor is a coincidence that it is called “DAR SAID”, home of happiness, and and part of Majestic hotel chain , which aims to breathe life into historic structures by infusing them with the “Tunisian Spirit”.

Any international hotel chain would have given anything to manage a hotel with this charm and potential. However, this does not take into account the determination of the owners to create a Tunisian product that is authentic before it is unique (*).


After a recent renovation, the Hotel Dar Said offered itself a new look. The delicate new decor is designed according to a specific approach, The same as the one used for a house inherited from loved ones.
Balancing the need for comfort and modernity while preserving memories of the touch of velvet fabric on tanned skin, Soft light on the cheek of a sleeping child. or a lady laying down reading her novel.


The emphasis is on delicate materials and harmonious colours. The arcades, vaulted ceilings and ancient cupolas are matched by the originality of the furniture collected from second-hand goods dealers and antique merchants… Everthing has been carefully designed to make this must-visit address in Sidi Bousaid a place to relax, where coming is a must, but coming back again and again is a must. And it is also no coincidence that over 40% of the hotel’s clientele are as loyal to the hotel and its indelible staff As they are to the sunsets, which renew themselves every day.

« Dar Saïd » has welcomed some of the world’s most prominent figures. One can hear whispers of declarations of love and marriage proposals. The shy exchanges of chance encounters are heard by one And is filled with joy at the sound of children’s laughter as they pass through the walls of this unclassifiable house and its garden at dawn on a misty day.


By discretion, the hotel management will not mention any name, except one,  that of the loyal customer; Claudia Cardinale.

Sidi Bou is the most relaxing of the great actress of cinema born in La Goulette.
She enjoys walking barefoot on the marble in a linen dress from the suite that now bears her name.
Smoking a cigarette by the ‘moucharibieh’ and spending precious moments with a house that enchants the ears with the music of flowers and the sea. . The fragrances there captivate the souls of jasmine and night owls.

The Dar Said follows the rhythms of the seasons. The diverse events it hosts and organizes are in harmony with one another. Sidi Bousaid’s cultural heritage and branding are promoted and preserved through its flawless integration into its surroundings.

Although it was originally intended to be a peaceful sanctuary, it has now been modified to offer its customers an original haven, the hotel features a terraced Andalusian garden, a spa located around a traditional hamam, and an adjacent gastronomic complex. The hotel Dar Zarouk is charming due to its weathered and whitewashed walls.
The combination of rustic wooden doors and interwoven natural textiles can make it a destination in itself while immersing visitors in its unique atmosphere.


By 1001 Tunisie